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EASTSIDE ALTERNATIVE HIGH, like all the alternative programs in the Central Kitsap School District, is designed to provide educational options for students that are out of sync with the traditional school environment. A common challenge of our enrollees is a deficiency in credits. However, kids come to our classrooms for a variety of reasons. The reoccurring motivation among our students is a desire to get on that path toward graduation and getting on with a successful life.
    To enter our specific school, students must have at least 4.0 credits. Once in, we begin an individual improvement plan to help students develop their abilities and move toward their educational goals. For many students those goals include partial attendance at Olympic High School or West Sound Tech. Here are the steps in the enrollment process:

  • Complete an application (signatures required).
  • Provide a current academic transcript and immunization record with application.
  • Take a reading test and fill out a questionnaire.
  • Read and sign off on standard forms (district required).
  • Participate (with parent/guardian) in an entrance interview.

    Once entrance criteria is met, the student is enrolled or placed on a first-come-first-served waiting list until space is available. There are specified expectations for students to continue enrollment. Please review the rules and expectations link.

Eastside Alternative High School embraces the Central Kitsap School District core beliefs that:
Each student can learn and has the right to a challenging, standards-based education that will help her/him discover the joy of learning and reach her/his full potential. That powerful teaching and learning is the most important factor for student achievement. A diverse, well-supported, student-centered, qualified staff dedicated to life-long learning is critical. In addition, a safe, stimulating, and positive learning environment is essential for student achievement. And finally, educating our students is a shared responsibility among parents, staff, students, and community -- clear, continuous communication is essential.

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